Product Ranking by State

Ranking of products by overall customers, orders, total sales, AOV, repurchase rate, product LTR, customer LTR & refunds + discounts with the ability to filter by state.

New Audience Template: Subscribers who cancelled within a month

Want a list of your subscribers that cancelled immediately within a month?

RFM Analysis

RFM analysis is live in Peel!

Filter Product Purchasing Paths by Audiences

Curious to know what the most common product purchasing paths are for people in one of your audiences? Well now you can filter the Product Purchasing Journey by those Audiences to specifically see the top 8 product paths for people from that group.

Command + K Keyboard Shortcut

UI Upgrade - % of Total now Reflected Within Reports

Products by Source/Campaign & Channel Report

Visualize Shopify attribution by product! What products and UTM source/campaign channels lead to the most sales and highest CLTV? Dig deeper into these insights with our new Products by Source/Campaign & Channel Report - available for download is our ever-growing Template Library.

New Product Ranking Analysis added to Template Library