Universal date picker on Dashboards

You can now change the time groupings and dates for the dashboards!

Peel Audiences

Peel’s Audiences is the ultimate retention and growth tool. Iallow you to create an audience from Peel’s hyper-filtered analyses, so you can then take action on your customers - send them an email & sms campaign via Klaviyo, an sms through Attentive, or create a lookalike Facebook audience - to increase your customers retention & loyalty behaviors and ultimately their LTV.

Product Purchasing Journey

Product Journey -- telling you the details of what people bought when they repurchased & how many days it took them to repurchase.

Amazon Seller Central Integration

Amazon Seller Central allows Peel to analyze revenue from sales directly on Amazon that wouldn't otherwise be captured through Shopify. What you are getting is repurchase behavior and LTV of your customers from the Amazon Seller channel :) .

Snowflake Integration

Access to Snowflake allows our customers to either run their own queries and export data or connect their Peel data to their own Snowflake account when they have them. Reach out to [email protected] for more information & to get started!

Tables UI update

Our tables got a makeover!

Cohort Summaries + Slices on Dashboard

Sometimes, you just want to be able to see your 6-month or 12-month LTV at a quick glance. Now you can easily keep your eyes on the numbers instead of going into the analysis summary line. Use Cohort Summaries on your dashboard. Read more here.

Weekly & Quarterly Cohorts


Read Only Dashboards

Now, you can create and share dashboards easily with people outside your Peel account without giving them access to all your metrics and the rest of your account. Simply create a dashboard with only the analysis you want to share with them, and create a read-only link. They’ll be able to view that dashboard that you created and nothing else.

Combined Cohorts