Getting Started with Peel

If you are new to Peel or looking to analyze your business analytics, this guide will help you learn more about Peel and its features.

What is Peel and how does it work?

Peel delivers business intelligence to help you convert, engage and retain more customers.

Start by connecting your favorite tools to Peel such as Shopify, Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Peel will import your raw data and, within hours, you'll be able to explore the analysis of every segment without having to calculate equations or create dashboards.

Crunching numbers and maintaining spreadsheets are a thing of the past! Peel automates your business analytics by using pre-defined algorithms from it's AI engine to your business' data.

How do I setup Peel on my Shopify account?

You can follow our initial setup guide here: Initial Setup

How long does my initial download of data to take?

It takes about 1-3 days to load and process and calculate the analysis of all the data. Really depends on how many orders your store processes per month. Hang tight! We will keep you posted, and feel free to check in on your stats to see the analysis as we compute present day first then all your historical data.

How often does Peel update the data?

After the initial data download. Your cohorts are updated Daily! We reload new data and updated data every single early morning ~ 2am local time.

How much does Peel cost?

All plans have the same functionality and features enabled, the price is dependent on your store's orders per month. For more info: Pricing Plans