How does COGs input work?

You can input your COGS into Peel, so Peel can track your costs and produce a Profit metric and more realistic LTV and Gross Profit Margin analysis for you.

You can find COGS in your account by going to the left navigation DATA > COGS.


You can input the data manually at the SKU level. Or if your SKU costs are located in Shopify, then we will be able to access and pull into Peel.

You could/should also can enter in fulfillments costs - a % cost per order and/or a flat rate cost per order. Many people put some type of estimated costs in there so that there is some amount of costs for shipping captured.

Once you do this, then Peel will be able to compute a Profit metric within 24 hours (we will have to reload the data once COGS are inputted).