One Time Purchasers to Subscribers Analysis

Available with the Recharge, Bold, & Rodeo integrations

Many brands have two groups of customers - transaction/single purchase customers and subscription customers. One of their number one questions is between the behavior between those groups.  Once they know, there are heaps of actions they can take to nudge their customers to go on a subscription plan via a variety of experiments, and want to know—does this work? How many of those one-time purchasers become subscribers?

This suite of 5 new metrics look at the behavior of one-time purchasers who become subscribers and help you understand this type of customers behavior.

  • Activation Rate
  • Days to Activation
  • New OTP Subscribers
  • Rate of One-Time to Subscriber
  • Subscribers Rate
  • How many people make a one time purchase and then does it turn into a subscription?= New OTP Subscribers
  • What is the number of days between the first one-time purchase and the first subscription?= Days to Activation
  • When do you send campaigns to one-time purchasers to promote subscription?= Days to Activation, then Rate of One-time Subscriber & then New OTP Subscribers to see if the experiment increased the %
  • Are my subscribers subscribing and never purchasing things before or are majority of my customers one-time purchasers who then become subscribers?= Rate of One-time Subscriber
  • What is my total number of active subscriptions on any given day?= Active Subscriptions
  • What is the number of new subscribers? How many people are joining our subscription program?= New Subscribers
  • What is the number of one-time purchase customers becoming subscribers?= New OTP Subscribers