Where is Peel collecting attribution data from?

Attribution segmentation explained - Channels, Referral, Campaigns

Peel relies on Shopify’s handling of first and last visits to access Referrer and UTM data.


Peel is collecting customer attribution data from Shopify. We gather the first and last visits for the first order of a customer from Shopify.

Shopify shares with us what they call CustomerJourney and it details referrals and UTM parameters.

We then defined our own Channel mapping (inspired by Google Analytics) with 13 platforms so you can get the most accurate tracking of channel performance, without needing to set up the channel mapping yourself required in Google Analytics or other data platforms.

Definition of channels:


We are looking at the Customers’ first order attribution.

We look at customers' first ever visit to the site - "First Touch".

We look at the latest visit the customer makes before the purchase - "Last Touch".

For example:

I've gone on a couple websites in the past few weeks, and then today I saw an instagram ad that mentions them because I am retargeted and I click and purchase. That retargeting is going to be the last touch. When I click on it and I buy, that buyer is going to attribute part of my purchase to that Instagram ad since it was the last touch and then part to the first time I saw them which could be search.

If it is “Other” it means we/Shopify doesn’t know where it came from.

For example, every time you send a link to someone and you remove the UTMS and they click on it from a text message - it will be other because there is no way to tell where it comes from. A mystery in the attribution world.

Referral is the domain.

Campaign looks at the UTM tracking that was set up on the Ad to attribute to it. So you can have visibility by campaign.

You can answer the following questions + more with this attribution segmentation:

  • Are customers that found us through Facebook worth more than those from Google or affiliates? ==> LTV by Attribution Channel / AOV by Attribution Channel / ROAS by Attribution Channel

  • If I spent $100K in ads last month, am I making that back in revenue from new customers? ==> New Sales by campaign or channel / New Subscription revenue by campaign or channel / New transaction revenue by campaign or channel

  • What campaign drew in the most revenue? Was it worth the investment?