Peel applies data science to the operational data you already have stored in databases ( including MySQL, PostGres, SQL Server, more to come) or datasources (Shopify, Apple App Store Connect) and send you reports via Slack. Once a data source is connected Peel does the analysis of critical revenue data and reports on the top trends and segments that shape businesses every day.

How Peel works for databases: 

  1. Sign up with your Slack workspace
  2. Connect your database to Peel in one step
  3. Tell Peel what is important to through a simple questionnaire

How Peel works for datasources: 

  1. Sign up with your Slack workspace
  2. Connect your datasource to Peel in one step

Peel will:

  1. Do the analysis
  2. Highlight the top segments that drive revenue and sends you the most important analysis!

With Peel you:

Never Code

Never write SQL

Never create queries in a WYSIWYG template

Never create dashboards

All you do is (only once) connect your datasource, and then read the reports we send every day. 

Peel currently uses Slack as its communication platform. 

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