To get set up Peel for Shopify. You need admin access to your Shopify store and after 1 click of selecting Add App, you'll be set up to go!

1. Connect Peel's app to your Shopify store (make sure you are logged in) by clicking Add app from our Shopify app store listing

2. Select Install app on Shopify’s install permission screen

3. You are set up! 

4. You now can follow *optional* additional steps such as connecting a Slack workspace & selecting a Slack channel to send the reports to, adding more datasources (another Shopify store, Marketing data), etc.

Now that you have connected Peel to your Shopify store, we will start downloading your data (+all historical data) and processing the analysis. Check back within 24 hours - could take a lot less or a smidge more time depending on how much data you have!

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