Once set up, you will receive (via the Slack channel you chose) :

Daily Trend Report 

  • Sent daily to your designated Slack channel with trend summaries. 
  • Understand the behaviors of your business by reviewing the trends - revenue records, streaks per Metric/segment, milestones, pacing.
  • Review a revenue pacing (compared to last month) graph.

Revenue Report 

  • Sent every Friday to your designated Slack channel with reporting on the Metric’s plus the top performing segments.
  • Metrics: Total Revenue, Transactional Revenue, Monthly Recurring Revenue, AOV, # of Orders, Revenue Growth Rate, Average Revenue Per User, Customer Retention, New Customer Signup across all your business’ segments.
  • After each week, month and quarter, we also include an analysis of the past period compared with the previous one.

Webview Report

  • Dive deeper into each Metric by going to Peel’s webview to tinker with a prebuilt dashboarding tool. 
  • Explore all the segments & a combination of segments for each Metric.
  • Toggle between the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly analysis for each Metric & specific segments
  • Review each of your segment’s data (shipping location, physical stores, products, cohorts, payment methods, etc.)
  • Peel highlights the segments that are below/above average by 20%.

Revenue Forecasting Report

  • Every Monday Peel’s forecasting model calculates the amount of money a company will receive from sales for the next three months on both topline and the top three revenue business segments. (The model requires a lot of data for accurate predictions, so revenue forecasting model is not applicable to all companies)

Anomaly Detection 

  • Peel runs detection for a company’s overall revenue and alerts the user (via Slack channel) when there is a dramatic change.

Goal Reporting

If you inputed your monthly/quarterly goals for each Metric and Peel will monitor how you’re pacing and keep you informed in your daily reports. 

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