You can easily connect multiple stores to your Peel account so all of them can be analyzed!

1) Add to each store to same account but as a different Workspace so that the analysis for each store is separate. - (the middle option in the image above)

This is a good idea if the stores are entirely different businesses (coffee company & eyeglass company, etc.) and you have different ad accounts associated with each.

2) Add to existing Workspace so all the stores will be computed together with the ability to segment by Shopify stores as an option. (the far right option in the image above)

When you connect multiple shops to Peel (e.g. stores for different locales) all of the reporting will be aggregated but you can easily segment by Stores to compare each shop to another. Our reports have a single currency and we convert transactions on the fly when the Shopify stores use multiple currencies.

This is best if you have one team needing analysis across all the stores and are sending this to one Slack channel. Also best if each store are the same businesses, just different locations. It allows you to see your total revenue and other metrics combined across multiple stores.

All depends on how you want to look at it.

If you miss this step in the onboarding, after you connect your first store to Peel, then once you are inside your Peel account, look to the left nav and go to Data > Datasources > Shopify Store, and add the next one from the app store. We will then start downloading all the data from the stores. You can add as many stores as you like.

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