You can easily connect multiple stores to our Peel account so all of them can be analyzed!

First connect your first store to Peel, then connect your second Shopify store: and decide which of the following options makes sense for your team:

  1. Analyzed separately. - Setup 1
  2. Analyzed in a combined report - Setup 2


Setup 1 - Separate reports:

StoreA = StudyA = Slack channelA = ReportA = Web dashboardA

StoreB = StudyB = Slack channelB = ReportB = Web dashboardB

StoreC = StudyC = Slack channelC = ReportC = Web dashboardC

Create a study for each store, so you can review each store's revenue separately and send the analysis for each store to a unique Slack channel. 

This is best if you have different teams for each store and members of the team only care about their specific store. It also allows you to review all segments (location, products, payment type, …) by store.

Setup 2 - Grouped report:

Combine all your stores into one study

Store A + Store B + Store C = Study1 = Slack channel1 = Report1 = Web dashboard1

Create a study that combines all three stores, so you can review all the analysis for all the stores together. All KPIs will be segmented by Stores so you can easily compare each shop to another, but overall reporting is combined. Our reports have a single currency, for clarity, and we convert transactions on the fly when the Shopify stores use multiple currencies.

This is best if you have one team needing analysis across all the stores and are sending this to one Slack channel. Also best if each store are the same businesses, just different locations. It allows you to see your total revenue and other KPIs combined across multiple stores.

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