CSV Upload

Upload external data into Peel!

If you have external datasets that are not automatically pulled into Peel through an integration, you can import them into your account manually through our Add CSV feature.

Dataset Types Available for Import

In Peel, you are able to import the following dataset types:

  • Customer Tags
  • Ad Spend
  • Order Tags
  • Product Costs (COGS)

Adding an external CSV

  1. Navigate to Data > Connections and Datasets.
  2. Click on Datasets.
  3. Click Add CSV to create manual dataset.
  4. In the field box, Dataset Name, enter in the unique identifier for this dataset.
  5. In the radio button selection area, choose the Dataset Type from the list: Customer Tags, Ad Spend, Order Tags, or Product Costs.
  6. If applicable, select the Linking Field from the drop down menu.
  7. Click Save. You can now upload a spreadsheet file from here. Make sure the required fields are all matching!


Required Fields

Please note - all fields with an asterisks (*) must be included in your file to be uploaded.

Once uploaded, you will see the "Processing data..." screen.


How long will it take for my CSV to be available in my account?

Your CSV will be computed in the nightly data refresh/re-compute.

Having trouble uploading your CSV? Reach out to us [email protected]