Audience Traits

Highlights of an Audience’s behavior


Ever wonder what products have the best sales from influencers? Or which discount code was most popular during your Black Friday sale? You can easily do so now for any Audience. We've added the Audience Traits section which shows what customers in an Audience have in common. For any Audience that you create, you can see their:

  • Top Product: the products purchased by the highest number of customers in an Audience
  • Top Discount Code: the discount code used the most by customers in an Audience
  • Top City: the most common city by order address in an Audience
  • Top SKU: the SKUs purchased by the highest number of customers in an Audience
  • Top Customer Tag: the ranking of customer tags affiliated with an Audience
  • Top Channel Click: the highest marketing channel by the number of customers found in this Audience

Click on any Trait and see the entire ranking for that Audience. For example, if you see your Top Product and want to know what other products performed well (in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th positions) then you can click that trait and see a full list of the Top Products Purchased by that Audience. The same goes for all the other traits.


Click on an Audience Trait in the navigation menu to view all the top values for a Trait.


The Audience Traits may take some time to populate on the page as the analysis is complex.