Google & Facebook & Tiktok Ads

Set up Peel with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and TikTok data. Track metrics on campaigns, ad sets and ads. Analyze ad spend, campaigns, and an LTV: CAC analysis. All available in the one click setup.

You can connect Peel to your Facebook Ads and/or Google Ads accounts, and then Peel will analyze your marketing spend and compute Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Cost per Acquisition (CPA) analysis so you can compare your daily marketing budget with other key metrics. Like all of Peel’s metrics, you then can segment your Ad data spend by Campaign, Ad Set, and specific ads.

To set this up, go to Data > Datasources to easily connect the accounts.


Follow the prompts to connect the appropriate accounts. Peel will then start downloading the data and computing the analysis, by the next day (at least 12 hours)

Peel will populate the following metrics in the left nav under Marketing:



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