Weekly & Quarterly Cohorts

Peel's default are monthly cohorts for Cohort Analysis, but we now offer a way to look at cohorts by quarter or by year.

This is great for any brand wanting to analyze their customers, break down acquisition, analyze retention behavior.

We can also switch to a weekly period. Please let us know if you prefer this option, so you can measure weekly retention at a granular level for each SKU, geography, or acquisition channel.

For example, find out what week brought in your most valuable customers or see if it was the weeks leading up to a promotional time of year by campaign that was more valuable than the actual week of the promotion?

Enabling Weekly and Quarterly Cohorts

To enable weekly and quarterly cohorts, please reach out to us via email [email protected] or through the chat icon on the app or website.

Please note - when enabled, your account cohort data will need to be re-computed.

Week to Date Chart