Daily Report

Sent via email or Slack every morning

Peel's Daily Report provides teams a snapshot of their brand's performance every day. It shows you how your revenue is pacing from each day, a handful of important top-line metrics plus trends highlights, summaries of what is moving in your business, will let you know if sales are trending for a particular day, etc.

Peel automates the analysis and reporting of a company's revenue analytics and sends you the most important information in your daily report. Peel serves up critical business metrics such as monthly revenue, growth rate, average revenue per user, daily customer retention, new customer acquisition reports that narrate findings across all of your companies segments. It is a no-code, one-click set up product meant for anyone.

The Daily Report is Peel's OG product that started it all. Anyone on your team can have access to it, and the links take you Peel's web view to study and dig into more advanced reporting.



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