Magic Dash FAQs

FAQs about the Magic Dash feature.

What is the Magic Dash?

The Magic Dash is an Insights Engine that answers your most important questions about your business. Ask it a question and it will automatically generate a dashboard using your data. It also has the ability to generate observations that provide a deeper understanding of your business.

How does the Magic Dash work it?

The Magic Dash is an AI-based feature that uses natural language processing to query Peel's database to generate a dashboard.

Does the Magic Dash include Product Journey, Market Basket Analysis, or RFM groups?

The dashboards created by the Magic Dash include Market Basket Analysis as well as RFM analysis. Learn more about RFM analysis here. The Magic Dash doesn't include Product Journey though.

Can I ask forecasting or predictive questions?

The Magic Dash can generate a dashboard based on the capabilities of Peel. If a question can be addressed using Peel's data, the AI can create a corresponding Dash. However, it's important to note that Peel currently lacks any forecasting or predictive metrics, meaning the AI won't be able to respond to questions of this nature.

Can I create an Audience from a Magic Dash widget?

Currently, it's not possible to generate an Audience directly from a widget. However, we are actively working on a solution to enable this functionality in the near future.

Does the Magic Dash use data from all of my connections?

The Magic Dash utilizes data from all of your data connections. It analyzes metrics across various segments from platforms like Shopify, Amazon Seller Central, Facebook Ads, Recharge, Klaviyo, and others, depending on what connections you've set up in Peel.

The Dash created didn't answer my question. What can I do about it?

The Dash created may not always answer your question. Check out the Questions to Ask the Magic Dash guide for best practices when asking a question. You can also reach out to our team using the chat feature to ask for help with a Dash.

Why is my Dash taking so long to load?

The loading time of the Dash can be influenced by several factors. It may depend on the complexity of the data being analyzed, the number of metrics and segments involved, as well as the speed and capacity of the LLM processing the information.

Can I ask the AI questions related to the dashboards already created on the page?

The Magic Dash is contextual. It answers questions that can pertain to the questions you have already asked, or you can ask an entirely different question altogether.

Is my store's data being shared with an AI?

No, your data is secure and is not being shared with an AI.

Why was there no data matching my filter criteria?

The widgets can only display data that exists in your account. For instance, if there are no Order Tags or Vendor information in your Shopify or Amazon accounts and you ask a question about them, we won't be able to generate a dashboard with that information.