Segment any of Peel's analysis by Shopify Metafields

Shopify gives users the ability to add Metafields to individual store items, which allows for custom fields to be created on the product-level, and for additional information to be stored and captured beyond that of what's typically displayed within the Shopify admin. In addition to specific products, Metafields can also be added to collections, customers, orders, and more.


Metafields are available by request only

If you would like access, please chat in or email [email protected] and we will add to your account.

There are various use-cases for Metafields, as they can be utilized differently, depending on the needs of the business - for example, some businesses use Metafields strictly for internal tracking and notation, while others choose to add more specific product/order details, like associated expiration dates or replacement part numbers.

However you choose to use Metafields, Peel is here to help you analyze the analysis!

Our new Metafields integration makes it easy for users to segment analysis by any of the Metafields entries that have been created within Shopify. Once your Metafields data has been imported into Peel (in the nightly refresh),simply navigate to the analysis you'd like to segment, click "Segmented By," and scroll down until you see the section titled "Order Metafields."

All of your associated Metafields will be available under this section, and can be toggled on/off depending on what you're looking to view.

Additional information on adding Metafields within Shopify can be found here.