What are the go-to Segments to dig into?

For revenue analysis

There are a great deal of Peel Segmentation options to choose from so, it will always be dependent on your business needs. You will know best but if you need some guidance we recommend segmenting by the samples listed below.

Pick any metric, such as Orders or New Orders and segment by some of the segments listed below.


Super interesting segments

  • Discount Code (whether a discount code was redeemed or not)
  • Discount Codes (the actual codes - Summer20
  • Products / Variants
  • Subscribers (Subscriber vs. Non Subscriber)
  • Product or Order Tags
  • First Touch Channel
  • Klaviyo Campaigns
  • Location data

Revenue Metrics Segments


  • Cities
  • Countries
  • Physical Location
  • States


  • Customer Tags
  • Discounts
  • Monthly Cohorts
  • Subscriptions


  • Discount Codes
  • Order Tags
  • Payment Gateway


  • First Touch Campaigns
  • First Touch Channel
  • First Touch Referral
  • Last Touch Campaigns
  • Last Touch Channel
  • Last Touch Referral


  • Klaviyo Campaigns
  • Klaviyo Email Lists
  • Klaviyo Flow Steps
  • Klaviyo Flows


  • Product Collections
  • Product Tags
  • Product Types
  • Products
  • SKUs
  • Variants
  • Vendors

You can also dig into the Cohort Metrics and pick Customer LTV and segment by products and see what first product purchased had a high LTV. As a heads up, Cohort segmentation is used on the first purchase only so the specific Tags, Products, Discount Codes, etc., all have to be located on the first order.