Customers Returning Rate

Returning Customers by Cohort metric tells you the percent of each cohort that comes back every month. It is the number of new individual customers in each month who made 1 returning order.

It is not a cumulative metric.

It's the number of customers that came and made a returning order in the months after that first purchase. Want to know how many customers came back in that first month and placed another order?

You may have a highly consumable product so you are curious if you have a natural loyalty to the product that makes them come back and purchase more. Or you have a drip campaign that tries to encourage people to return and make a purchase 1-2 weeks after their first purchase. This metric will help you see that activity.

If you are running email marketing, you will be able to measure these campaigns. Example: how many customers came back after receiving specific emails, segmented by marketing campaign? You can also see if a specific product is increasing the frequency of when customers come back.

What’s Next

Check out Repurchase Rate metric (a cumulative analysis) of customers returning behavior