Google Analytics 4

Set up Peel with Google Analytics 4 and track sessions, bounce rate, new users. All available in a seamless setup.

By July 1, 2023, Google sunsetted Universal Analytics and all properties using Universal Analytics should have transitioned to Google Analytics 4.

Here are some of the main characteristics of GA4:

  1. Event-based tracking: GA4 focuses on tracking user interactions and events, providing a more detailed understanding of user behavior.
  2. Enhanced cross-device tracking: GA4 allows businesses to track user journeys across multiple devices, enabling better measurement of marketing efforts.
  3. AI-powered insights: GA4 leverages machine learning and AI to provide automated insights and predictive metrics, streamlining analysis.
  4. Privacy-focused approach: GA4 addresses privacy concerns with enhanced data controls and consent management features, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Peel incorporates Google Analytics 4 metrics, enabling you to swiftly compare your web session metrics with our data analysis of your revenue, customers, and subscriptions.

How to Connect your GA4 account to Peel

  1. Log in to Peel
  2. Go to Settings > Connections and Datasets
  3. Click on Add Datasource
  4. Select Google Analytics 4
  5. Select all the sub-accounts you would like to add

Metrics Available

  • Bounce Rate
  • Number of Pageviews
  • Total New Users
  • Total Sessions
  • Total Users

Note: No segments are available for Google Analytics 4

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I be able to view GA4 data with historical data from Universal Analytics?
    Yes, but only if Universal Analytics was connected and loaded before July 1. Historical data will no longer be available for Universal Analytics.
  2. I'm a new customer and just connected GA4 and Universal Analytics to Peel but I don't see any historical data for Total Sessions
    Historical data will no longer be available for Universal Analytics so data for the Web Analytics metrics will only go as far back as the date you set up your GA4 account.