Can you customize the Daily Reports?

Slack/Email daily reports customizations.

There are a few things that you can customize on the Daily report. To do this, go to the upper left hand corner under your logo and click Edit Worksplace Settings.

Then you will be taken to a page where you can add email recipients - if you want to receive the Daily Report via email, or you can set up the Slack connection.

Scroll down to the Preferences section

You can change the Reporting currency - if you do this, we will have to recalculate all your stats, so it will take some time - at least 24 hours. This applies to your entire account (web app as well), not just the Daily Report.

For the Daily Report - If you wan to edit the time comparison to Daily or Year over Year. This is where you would do it. The default is comparing Month to Month, but you might want to compare the numbers from one day to the next or from this time this year to the exact date the previous year.

The customizations are very limited, but if you would like more - please drop us a message by using the chat widget or emailing [email protected]