For Example: Let's say I have gone on a couple of websites I found searching Google in the past few weeks, I registered my email address and clicked a link in a drip campaign a day later, and then today I saw an Instagram ad that mentions a product because I am retargeted and I click and purchase. Then Instagram Paid will be considered as one of the channels for the order attribution, Email will be another channel, and Google Organic will be the third one.

When segmenting the number of orders or revenue or any other metric by Channel, each of the three attribution channels will "claim" the same order even though in practice each is only responsible for a fraction of it.

Questions it helps answer:

  • How many orders were the results on email links being clicked?
  • How much revenue was partially attributed to Google Search vs Google Ads?
  • Are returning customer orders explained by text messages or emails?
  • What campaign drew in the most revenue? Was it worth the investment?
  • Are customers that found us through Facebook worth more than those from Google or affiliates? ==>
    • LTV by Attribution Channel
    • AOV by Attribution Channel
    • ROAS by Attribution Channel
  • If I spent $100K in ads last month, am I making that back in revenue from new customers? ==>
    • New Sales by campaign or channel
    • New Subscription revenue by campaign or channel
    • New transaction revenue by campaign or channel

Revenue attribution is tricky. Peel currently doesn't offer to "spread" the revenue of each order on the various channels, like 40% Facebook, 40% Klaviyo and 20% Google. <- that’s what people call an attribution model - assumptions are made based on the traffic. Peel, at this point, lets you see all metrics (orders, revenue, etc.) by each channel.

For example in this scenario. A customer:

Campaign 1

  • Sees a Facebook Ad and click
  • Seeds a Google Ad and click
  • Signs up but doesn’t buy
  • Get an email
  • User 1 Buys Order 1

Campaign 2

  • Sees a Google Ad and click
  • User 1 Buys Order 2

Peel will then attribute Order 1 to Facebook Paid + Google Ads + Email and Order 2 to Google Paid

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