Product Analytics

Are you wondering how to increase your AOV? You can do so by using product analytics in Peel.

A big piece of the puzzle for DTC brands is solving the customer purchasing journey. What are your customer purchasing patterns? What are they buying in their first purchase? What are they coming back for when they return?

So many brands have asked us these questions and that is why we’ve built the Product Journey feature

To dive into you’re customer’s purchasing behaviors, we also have market basket analysis

Market basket analysis shows you what customers are buying together. This feature will unlock your most commonly sold product combos. You can use this to market better, create better product bundles and combos, and even help your logistics and operations teams out.

Peel’s product analytics features can help you retain customers and increase your AOV. With these tools, you have all the information you need to know what customers are buying, when they are likely to buy them, plus tools to actually take action on that data.