Marketing Analysis

Marketing metric analysis explained.

Connect Peel and Facebook Ads, Google Ads, & TikTok ads to have dedicated analysis to analyze your marketing spend.

  • Dedicated dashboards for Marketing analysis
  • Ad spend, orders, revenue, AOV, LTV, new and repeat customers are all quickly available and can grouped along side each other to have a big picture view of your business.
    Plus, see Facebook data alongside all your other channels, to help you decide how to prioritize your marketing resources.
  • Know which campaigns and ads are helping you acquire the most new customers
  • Keep an eye on your ROAS, LTV, CAC, and LTV:CAC easily.
  • Understand the profitability of your Facebook campaigns

Everything in one place!

Metrics available

  • Clicks
  • Conversions
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC-Order)
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC-S)
  • Impressions
  • LTV to CAC-Order ratio
  • LTV to CAC-Signup ratio
  • ROAS
  • ROAS (net)
  • ROAS - Returning Customers
  • ROAS – New customers
  • ROI
  • Spend

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