Multi Touch Attribution Segments

Peel downloads ALL touches/clicks associated with orders and display through all metrics.

Peel downloads ALL touches/clicks associated with orders and display through all metrics.

Attribution data helps users understand where their customers came from before making a purchase. Peel collects customer attribution data on every order* from Shopify & Recharge checkout. You can then segment any metric by these data points.

Value in Peel's Multi Touch Attribution Capture

  • Knowing where customers are coming from helps you make decisions on where to spend and see what channels are more popular in different stages of the customer journey (new customers vs. returning customers)
  • Segments -- UTM terms, UTM campaign and UTM content provide heaps of data that we have been asked for repeatedly by more savvy marketers.
  • Utilizing Peel's cohort segmentation on different channels, landing pages and UTMs for first order segmentation capture is very powerful in seeing if one of those leads to be a higher valued, more frequent purchasing customer. It is important to note that Peel's cohort Analysis order segmentation is only based off the first order.


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