Turn analysis into action.

  1. Create any filtered segmented group of customers
  2. Get contact information
  3. Sync them to Klaviyo, Attentive & Facebook or download & upload to your marketing platform
  4. Measure throughout time & see all the action you take on them contribute to growth.

Peel’s Audiences allow you to create an audience from Peel’s hyper-filtered analyses, so you can then take action on your customers - send them an email & sms campaign via Klaviyo, an sms through Attentive, or create a lookalike Facebook audience - to increase your customers retention & loyalty behaviors and ultimately their LTV.

So many customers have asked when measuring their data– “Can I get a list of these customers to target them?” and now you can + so much more!

We have built very detailed filters that allow you to dig deep into your customers purchasing patterns.

Peel’s Audiences allows merchants to take action on the analysis and take data into strategy.


Email hello@peelinsights if you are interested in learning more!

How it Works

You can create Audiences from two spots --from the Audience + box, or directly from any of the 38 cohort analyses metrics.


Then you define your Audience.

  1. Select a date range of when the customer first was acquired. or select All Time to capture anyone in the history of your store that meets the criteria.

  2. Then select as many Filters as you’d like to create the Audience (see filters specifics below- so many options 🤯)

  1. Decide if the Audience is dynamic (continues to grow as customers meet the criteria based on the filters) or static (doesn’t change over time).

  2. Give Audience a Name

  3. Select Create.

  4. Come back in a bit and review your Audience!
    See Peel Audiences Page Details to learn more

  5. Decide who to sync to - Klaviyo or Attentive

  1. Queue up the email/sms content in Klaviyo or Attentive to take action on the Audience.

  2. Take action!

  3. Come back to Peel and see your Audience revenue & order grow!


Customer List in each of your Audience

  1. The next day -- come back to Peel and Measure your Audience by segmenting it (as it will now be available as a segment) across heaps of metrics. see more below

Segment any metric


LTV segmented by the Audience

How Audiences become segments on metrics

  1. Once you have created an audience, you can use it as a segment on metrics and cohorts.
  2. To do this, go to any metric or cohort page, and click on the ‘Segmented by’ filter. This will open up all the different options to segment the data
  1. On the left, you will see a list of all your audiences. Click on one that you would like to segment by and click ‘Apply Filters’ to save the changes
  1. The metric or cohort page is now segmented by your audience!