What is an Audience?

What is an Audience?

Audiences are a big deal because they allow you to hyper target your customers. You can generate campaigns that target a more specified group of people like never before. Once the Audience is created you can use Klaviyo, Attentive, or Facebook to either SMS or email this new customer group. From there we will do all of the tracking regarding how the campaign is going.

You can see all of this in the app so no more switching back and forth. You also start running analytics on this specific segment to pull other cool information for your marketing team - just push the metrics directly to email or Slack and let the team know how things are going.


Audiences are available on trial accounts as well

Reach us at [email protected] if you'd like to hear more about Audiences.

What can Audiences help with?

Audiences allow you to run campaigns towards a more targeted Audience and you can make an Audience out of just about anything. Any idea you come up with to reach a new cluster of customers can be tracked automatically, you can also compare two different campaigns (A/B Testing) to see which email or SMS campaign is doing the best.

  • Who are your customers that answered a specific question in a survey and purchased your latest product drop?

  • Who are your customers who only purchase a specific product one time but never opt into a subscription?

  • Who are your customers that are from NYC and bought a specific product on specific date?

Audiences are all about figuring out ways to reach out to your customer base with the most targeted approach possible. If you have an idea for a custom campaign we can make it happen!