How can I find One-Time Purchasers to Subscribers in Peel?

Available with the Recharge, Bold, & Rodeo integrations

Many brands have two main groups of customers - Transaction/single purchase customers and Subscription customers. One of biggest questions we regularly receive is how Peel can determine the many differences in spending behaviors between these two groups.

This suite of 5 metrics looks at the behavior of One-Time Purchasers who become subscribers and help you understand this type of customers behavior.

  • Activation Rate
  • Days to Activation
  • New OTP Subscribers
  • Rate of One-Time to Subscriber
  • Subscribers Rate

You can also dive into other data surrounding this question through these pre-made metrics:

  • New OTP Subscribers* will help determine how many customers make a one time purchase and then does it turn into a subscription
  • Days to Activation* is the number of days between the first One-Time Purchase and the first Subscription
  • Rate of One-Time Subscriber* lets you know which Subscribers are also first time purchasers for your brand
  • Active Subscriptions* will tell you your total number of active Subscriptions on any given day
  • New Subscribers* is useful to track how many people are joining a Subscription program over time
  • New OTP Subscribers* shares the # of One-Time Purchasers who become Subscribers

With this knowledge in hand, there are heaps of actions you can take like nudging customers to go on a Subscription plan to improve your Customer LTV.

When our core analysis is combined with Audiences, you can immediately test these experiments. Once testing begins we do all of the tracking so you can see How many of those One-Time Purchasers become Subscribers?