Customer, Product & Order Tags

Shopify gives you the ability to use tags to label products, customers, orders, etc to help you stay organized while using the Shopify platform. They are not customer-facing. They are used internally.

Peel surfaces tags as a segmentation option so that you can segment/filter any metric by them to get a look at a unique subset of your business.

We have seen brands use tags to identify loyal customers, customers from a specific purchase time frame, customers apart of a customer service outreach project, products organized in a special way, orders identified in a special way. The creative options are endless and then you can use those subsets to answer the data questions you are after.

Order tags

Order tags we only load daily, so if you fulfill later, we don’t update them. We have a setting to reload these datasets for a rolling few days though to catch the order tags. We assume most orders are fulfilled within 5 day. Let us know if you need a wider widow.

Customer & Product Tags

Are refreshed daily.


If you add a tag today, then it will appear tomorrow in your segment options.

Cohorts are refreshed daily and will capture tags added to historical data.

Linear Stats - we do not recompute, so if you add a tag to historical data and want it populated, please message us to rerun your historical stats so it will be visible.