Can you give me a quick overview of what Multi-touch Attribution is?

What does Peel multi-touch attribution entail?

Attribution is a measurement technique that marketers use to collect data for trackable media and conversion events, aka touches, during a customer’s journey to purchase. You can use this to understand which of your marketing campaigns and various channels are responsible for converting your customer. Brands use this information to refine their channels and find where their marketing budget is best spent as they can better measure the ROI of each channel via attribution.

How can you use Attribution data to improve your Customer Journey?

Peel provides multi touch attribution data for those who want to track each channel that contributes their conversions. This assigns equal credit to each touchpoint, giving an overall picture of the customer journey. One of the main ways to set this up for your ecommerce store is by tagging your URLs with special codes, called UTM codes, that help track each touchpoint.

Last year we introduced an attribution definition with three new segments. This update was a HUGE lift for our Attribution feature and allows you to easily measure any metric by marketing channels or any referral domain with Peel. With two clicks you can determine the LTV or AOV (+ a suite of other metrics) by 13 channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Paid Search, Organic Search, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Our model is based on the Google Analytics definition and ads social media sources which represent a large proportion of traffic for most brands. We rely on Shopify’s handling of first and last visits to access Referrer and UTM data.