My data could use some cleanup and organization - can you help me?

Yes, we happily assist, don't let a messy database be a deterrent to your next great breakthrough. We know every business has things like test orders, discounts, or a variety of things they want to exclude or strictly include at when looking at the sales and marketing picture.

Using Filters

Filters are a great way to remove unnecessary data that may be impacting certain metrics like LTV or AOV. Maybe your business gives away a lot of cheap samples of your products, they may not be indicative of the full story so removing those values will give you a clearer picture.

Some Filtering examples include

  • Filtering out $0 orders - sometimes brands create $0 orders to send as replacements or to influencers and they don't want those impacting their LTV
  • Filter out orders under a certain $ amount
  • Only showing orders with a specific tag. This may be because the rest of the orders are not relevant and they don’t want those counted. Any tag you use in Shopify can be used to include or exclude data.
  • Filtering out orders with a specific customer tag or order tag - maybe you don't want wholesale purchases included with the other data or orders that were discounted with a certain promotion.
  • Filtering out orders with “wholesale” or "merchant" or "vendor"


Do you want certain products or types of customers grouped in a specific way? 👯‍♀️ Then grouping might be the answer. You can use grouping

Some Grouping examples include

  • Creating a cohort of customers that purchased on BF/CM days so I can follow their spending patterns over time. Bundle a list of SKUs together so I can always segment any metric by the bundle. Bundle these tags together.
  • Wanting to see the combinations of the following products together - please create a segment so I can always see those segment combinations.
  • Grouping by a component to my business like pre-paid sales. Maybe you would like to identify those customers together and compare them to the non-prepaid customers.

Other Ideas

Don’t be shy to ask - we have accommodated many many requests that are all unique to every stage of ecommerce company. Just message us and tell us what you would like to see and we can do to implement a helpful solution for you within a few days.

The list of ways to cleanse data are endless - tell us what you want "cleaned up" and we will do it for you. While we would love to do this for every single company who is using the Peel app, we prioritize our requests on customers who have subscribed to be a paying customer.

Chat us in the chat messenger or send us an email to [email protected] and we can discuss what customizations need to be made.

We are working on a customer facing interface so you can do it, but it's complex so in the meantime we will set it up for on the backend 🌟 LET US KNOW!