How does Peel handle Discounts + Refunds?

Discounts and Refunds

Discounts and refunds are a complicated business.

  • Stacking discount codes
  • Buy two get one free
  • 50% off three items or more
  • Free shipping on orders over $200

Each of these discounts is calculated completely differently and tagged differently in Shopify. When you add returns to the equation it gets even messier!

  • Returning 1 item from a buy 2 get one free
  • Exchanging one item for a different sized item now on sale

Peel handles refunds and discounts a little differently than Shopify does.

Shopify is very black and white when it comes to refunds. When refunding in Shopify, you’re referencing the original order and choosing a refund. Aside from merchant notes, it doesn't give an exact/full breakdown of what else has happened to the order. Additionally, none of the refunded product/variant cost changes in any way after the refund is applied.


A customer originally spent $100.00 total on ten items. A few days later they returned three of the items for a $30 refund.

Shopify looks at this order and says “We’ll use that as our refund value,” and simply captures -$30 split across 1 order.

Shopify doesn't break it down that one item returned was $5, one $10, and another $15

Shopify doesn't track your 10% off 10 separate items. Only 10% one order.

Shopify knows based on merchant notes or within the order itself that X and/or Y items were refunded, but not how much per item. What Shopify doesn't visually display is how much of each individual item was refunded.

We dig deeper within the data and our logic is able to pull apart the refund values for each item as well as the refunded discount. We apply the discount as a negative allocated value to each variant that was refunded. This provides a higher level of accuracy that is from a line item vs an overarching “Refunded” value. This is also why you’ll see slight differences in Peel vs Shopify.

What you see as an overarching total in Shopify for certain revenue metrics, refunds and discounts.