COGS - Costs of Goods Sold

How to incorporate your product costs into Peel

Peel uses the COGS to compute a suite of cost and profit analysis metrics and in certain formulas like LTV.

There are 3 ways to add your COGS into Peel.

Variant Costs

  1. If your costs are in Shopify, then we will automatically pull them into Peel. You can scroll down on the left navigation to Data > Product Costs to modify or to disable this setting. If you keep it enabled, anytime you update the costs per variant in Shopify, they will populate here.

  2. You can use the table of variants that you see in Data > Product Costs and manually enter the costs for each.

  1. You can use our CSV upload feature and upload a document of all your product costs. You go to Data > Datasets > CSV Upload to follow instructions.
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Fulfillment Costs

If you'd like to add additional costs aside from the variant costs, you can also add flat and/or % fulfillment costs.


Peel will take these costs and incorporate into costs and profit analysis and then into the LTV, Cost, Profit, Gross Margin analysis.