Awtomic x Peel

Awotomic x Peel provides subscription metrics by pulling data directly from Awotomic so businesses can see the opportunities to increase revenues, grow LTV, retain customers, and reduce operating costs.

Peel offers over 100+ metrics that all can be segmented by our detection of subscribers vs. non subscribers.* Even without integrating, Awotomic customers will be able to use our "out of the box" subscriber/non subscriber segmentation to understand the value of their subscription businesses.

With the direct integration with Awotomic, Peel offers a suite of 41 metrics across a bunch of product and Awotomic segments specific to subscription businesses. Read on below for examples of those subscription metrics.


To Connect

Contact the Awtomic team to request an API key.


Visit: Subscriptions, Subscription Cohorts, Subscription Activations for the definitions!

  1. Active Subscribers
  2. Active Subscriptions
  3. Churned Subscribers
  4. Churned Subscriptions
  5. Duration of Active Subscriptions
  6. Duration of Active Subscribers
  7. Duration of Churned Subscriptions
  8. Duration of Churned Subscribers
  9. MRR
  10. Subscribers Churn Rate daily/weekly/monthly
  11. Subscribers Growth Rate daily/weekly/monthly
  12. Subscriptions Churn Rate daily/weekly/monthly
  13. Subscriptions Growth Rate daily/weekly/monthly
  14. Net Sales - Subscribers
  15. Net Sales - New Subscribers
  16. Net Sales - Existing Subscribers
  17. New Subscribers
  18. New Subscriptions
  19. Total Sales (subscribers)
  20. Subscription Revenue Rate

  1. Active Subscriptions per Cohort
  2. Active Subscribers per Cohort
  3. Cumulative MRR per Subscription
  4. Cumulative MRR per Subscriber
  5. Lifetime Value per Subscriber
  6. Lifetime Value per Subscriber Cohort
  7. Lifetime Value per Subscription
  8. Lifetime Value per Subscription Cohort
  9. MRR per Active Subscription
  10. MRR per Active Subscriber
  11. MRR per Subscribers Cohort
  12. MRR per Subscriptions Cohort

  1. Activation Rate
  2. Days to Activation
  3. New OTP Subscribers
  4. Rate of One-Time to Subscriber
  5. Subscribers Rate

All segmented by Locations (cities, countries, states), Products (Product Types, Products, SKUs, Variants, Vendors), Subscriptions (Cancellation Reason, Day of the Month, Day of the Week, Order Frequency, Pre-paid)

Reach out to Peel via chat or [email protected] if you need any assistance or have questions.