Black Friday Audiences

A full breakdown on how our pre-built Black Friday Audiences were made

We pre-populated your account with the following four Audiences. If you want to add more unique specifications to them, feel free to remake them using the screenshots below. or feel free to reach out to [email protected].

Black Friday 2021

Measures all customers that purchased during the week of Black Friday 2021. This Audience will be useful as a reference point for measuring the success of this year’s sales, as well as identifying potential product offerings. Based on last year's data, would it be wiser to offer $20 off purchases of $100+, or $50 off purchases of $200? What were the top selling products during the sale? What was the most popular discount code used, and did the customers that used it make additional purchase throughout the year? Where do these customers live? This Audience allows you to gain key insights and make decisions with confidence. Not only are you able to measure average order behavior within the Audience, but you can also pull the Audience into all of our other reports for use as a segment value.

541 564

Black Friday 2021 (Last Purchase >330 Days)

Measures all customers that purchased during the week of Black Friday 2021 that haven’t purchased again in the last 330 days (starting from the date the Audience was created). Including a filter for 330+ days since last order allows you to capture customers that purchased for Black Friday (and potentially holiday sales as well) that haven’t returned since. This Audience focuses on customers that may be good candidates for reactivation campaigns or other targeted marketing, given that they made purchases the during the previous year’s sale, but have since gone dark.

541 564 559

Black Friday 2022 - Returning Purchasers

Measures customers that made returning purchases during Black Friday 2022. This Audience hones in on customers that made additional purchases prior to making Black Friday 2022 purchases. Customers in this Audience are great candidates for loyalty-based marketing campaigns that acknowledge their loyalty. While all customers in this Audience will have made recent purchases, they likely will be more inclined to purchase again, since they presumably like the brand.

572 563

Black Friday 2022 - First Time Purchasers

Measures customers that made first-time purchases during Black Friday 2022. This Audience is ideal for retention-based nurture campaigns, as these customers are all recent purchasers and presumably have the least amount of exposure to the brand. A quick “15% off your next purchase” coupon may go a long way in terms of retaining customers in this Audience, especially if they’re satisfied with their Black Friday purchases.

565 563