FB Signal Loss & Spend/Revenue Trend Reports

Since iOS14 came out, everyone has been curious about the impact on their brand. What has this done? Should you be spending more $ on advertising?

Peel's Signal Loss reports & Spend/Revenue Trend reports built in partnership with our friends at MuteSix reports sheds some light.

The Signal Loss analysis looks at link clicks to your landing page in comparison to page views. Link clicks are not impacted by iOS14, so looking at the difference is a measure of the actual signal loss your brand is experiencing.

Spend and Revenue Trend allows you to understand the behavior of your users post the iOS14 release and see the change in attribution reporting, ROAS, ad spend and find out if your Shopify revenue has been affected by this.

They can be found in our Slices section as defaulted reports:

Signal Loss

Spend/Revenue Trend Reports