Google Analytics

Web analytics data from Google Analytics is the most anonymized data that Peel supports. While most of the data Peel collects from other sources is very granular and includes unique identifiers (customers, subscriptions, orders, etc.), Web analytics is more general.

It does not allow for inter-connections with other dataset, but the high-level metrics such as number of sessions and traffic by source are helpful when you can compare side by side with other metrics.

Peel brings Google Analytics metrics so you can quickly compare your web sessions metrics with our data analysis of your revenue, customers and subscription.


Metrics that the GA integration brings to Peel

While revenue information will always be the most accurate from a complete historical source of truth like Shopify, Google Analytics offers a better attribution model of web traffic.

Some of your visitors might block GA tracking, so it’s important to estimate 5-20% of the sessions may be missing. Looking at them by segments does offer great insight to identify where your customers come from!