100 + metrics & over 23 segmentations all precomputed for teams daily.

Explore hundreds of precomputed analyses and segments (SKU, Shipping locations, discount codes, attribution sources, subscription, products, etc.) to get a full picture of the best and worst-performing groups of customers.

A huge range of metrics and segmentations - including 23 cohort analysis metrics all precomputed for ecommerce teams ready to be consumed.

Subscriber / Non-Subscriber segment

Subscriber/non-subscribers is a customer segment looking at all orders for each customer. If any of them is a subscription order, then the customer is flagged as such. Otherwise, if none of them were a subscription order, the customer is a “non-subscriber”

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If we had to tell you the top analysis that most customers find immediate value & "Ah-Ha" with Peel, it would be:

  • Repurchase Rate monthly cohort segmented by first product purchase. This will tell you if there is a product that was in the first product purchased that is enticing customers to come back more frequently.
  • LTV or Repurchase rate by discount codes (if tied to a campaign) to see what worked and what is enticing people to come back.

Peel's Linear Metrics - the top segments are dynamic.

Cohort Metrics - if you see a "No Data" when you segment it might be because it is not in the top 100 segment values. Message us to find a solution.