The Peel Approach

Problem: Business intelligence (BI) solutions cost too much to set up and maintain. Small businesses can't afford BI. Midsize businesses tend to rebuild the same solutions and do not have monitoring. Running data manually on spreadsheets leads to poor business decisions.

  • Good analysis requires technical expertise and time.
  • Analysis tools need to be automated, fast and smart.
  • Customer acquisition is tied to uncovering key data insights

Solution: An automated business analysis system for any e-commerce team on Shopify. Peel manages all the data, monitors metrics by segments, and assists in decision-making.

  • Analyses completely tailored to DTC brands
  • Extremely fast compared to existing analytics tools.
  • In-depth segmentation on 100+ metrics.

Why do E-commerce stores need Peel?

  • Time to value: They're spending too much time on manual data analysis and reporting and need a fast & time-efficient (automated) solution.
  • Advanced analytics: They're doing some level of reporting and analytics, but feel like they need to take it to the next level to uncover new opportunities and solve more complex challenges.
  • All-in-one solution: They're frustrated by data stored in different platforms and locations.
  • Improve Customer Acquisition/Retention: They're struggling to fully understand customer behavior and don't have accurate data to make smart decisions.
  • Improve Overall Business Health: They feel that a lack of clarity in their data is hindering business growth.

Our number one goal is to provide merchants with the analysis they need to make growth decisions. Right now, we work exclusively with e-commerce brands on Shopify.

Examples of end consumer experience looks like this:

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