Daily Insights FAQs

FAQs about the Daily Insights Product.

“What should I do with the daily insights?”
We all get into a routine checking the same metrics and dashboards, and most of us do not have the time to explore their data frequently; the daily insights are there to monitor your store every day and find meaningful changes worth reviewing. The most interesting ones will probably make you want to create new dashboards or share them with your team, partners or investors. Some will appear obvious and others will be too obscure, and that should help us discover the most interesting insights more regularly in between them!

“Are daily insights anomaly detections?”
Some of the insights, such as the streak, are essentially looking for anomalies, especially if the spikes or drops are sudden. However, many of the insights aren’t detections but trend reporting at regular intervals, and others such as the top 10 values are a little in-between.

“Can I rely on insights to tell me if something is wrong?”
You can expect the insights to highlight big changes, but if too many of them occur at once, or if they’re too small, the feed will not list all of them. Many changes occur daily, and they’re all different based on the size of your store, the number of products it sells, etc. and we want to keep the number of daily messages to a manageable amount daily.

“How are the daily insights different from the daily Slack or email content?”
This page is our new version of the logic: it’s richer in content with more segments and metrics, but for now, the types of trends we detect are the same. It’s also more reliable to pick more important events over less important ones!

“Can I see trends for LTV and repurchase rates?”
Very soon! Our logic doesn’t analyze cohort metrics yet, but it’s on the roadmap for early 2023! If you want to see it, feel free to nudge us to make sure we don’t postpone it!

“How does it work?”
Without revealing our secret sauce, we can say Peel analyzes about 100 million data points in each store daily, and that allows the product to measure trends in a novel way. Unlike most analytics and business intelligence app, Peel also has a data science layer meant to save you hours thanks to a new way of processing data. Because it’s new, it’s also getting better over time so please share your feedback with us to make it smarter.

“Does it use data from all of my connections?”
Each of the trends is analyzing some metrics across many different segments, so most data connections are used for it. At the moment, Google Analytics and subscriptions aren’t analyzed yet, but Shopify, Amazon Seller Central, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, and many others listed above are analyzed daily.

What’s Next