The Daily Insights

The Daily Insights are part of the Daily Digest and showcase top highlights that we find in your data. The Insights give you a closer look into what is happening in your stores - what’s trending up and down, what’s working, and what’s not. Check on these daily to get a high-level overview of the status of your business.


What’s included in the Daily Insights

The metrics included in the analysis are:

  • Revenue (Total Sales)
    Sum of revenue = gross sales - discounts - returns + taxes + shipping charges
    Data sources: Shopify, Amazon Seller Central
    Example of an insights based on Revenue:
  • Orders
    Total number of orders placed by customers
    Orders Data sources: Shopify, Amazon Seller Central
    Example of an insight based on Orders:
  • Ad Spend
    Sum of ad spend across all platforms
    Data sources: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Pinterest Ads, TikTok
    * Note: Insights related to Ad Spend will only show up if you have connected marketing platforms to Peel
    Example of an insight based on Ad Spend:

Apart from the above, no other metrics, submetrics, or cohorts are included in the insights yet (ex. subscription metrics are not included in the analysis at this time).

Each insight is based on one of the three metrics - Total Sales, Orders, Ad Spend. We analyze all the following segments for the metrics for the Daily Insights.

Note: Segments can be based on data from Shopify, Amazon Seller Central, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Pinterest Ads, TikTok, Fairing, Klaviyo, Knocommerce (if you have connected your account to Peel).

List of Segments:


  • Buying Types
  • Objectives
  • Ads
  • Adsets
  • Campaigns
  • Devices
  • Objectives

Custom Segments

  • All custom segments in your account


  • Discounts
  • Data Source
  • Subscriptions

Email Marketing

  • Klayvio Email Events
  • Klayvio Email Lists
  • Klayvio Flows
  • Kalviyo Flow Steps


  • Cities
  • Countries
  • States
  • Physical Locations
  • Regions
  • Sales Channel
  • States


  • Ads accounts
  • Campaigns (last touch)
  • Countries
  • Regions
  • Source
  • Source (last touch)

Multi-Touch Attribution

  • Channel clicks
  • Days to conversion
  • Landing page
  • Referrer
  • Sales app


  • Discount Codes
  • Financials
  • Order Tags
  • Payment Gateway
  • Online Store

Product Options

  • Amount
  • Quantity
  • Size
  • Title


  • Product Collections
  • Product Tags
  • Product Types
  • Products
  • Variants
  • Vendors
  • SKUs


  • Subscription Status

The following segments are NOT included in the analysis:

  • Segments based on Audiences
  • Klaviyo campaigns
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Marketing devices
  • Marketing accounts
  • Customer tags
  • UTM content
  • UTM source
  • UTM source campaign
  • UTM source medium
  • UTM source term
  • Product line item types
  • Monthly cohort segment
  • Weekly cohort segment
  • Quarterly cohort segment

The following data sources are NOT included in the analysis:

  • Amazon Ads
  • Attentive
  • Google Analytics
  • Gorgias
  • Postscript
  • Snapchat
  • Subscription connectors (Awtomic, Bold, Cape Canaveral, Recharge Payments, Retextion, Rodeo, Skio, Smartrr)

Types of Insights

There are 5 different type of Insights:


1. Streaks
A streak is helping us detect important growth or drops for some key segments. They can be explained by new markets, new products, new campaigns, or retreat from any usual ones. Some will be expected while others will alert you of problems with your store! They highlight when a trend grows or drops at least 3 times in a row - this could be multiple days in a row or multiple weeks in a row.
We only report on one streak per day. A lot of metrics move in the same direction and tell the same story but from a different angle. There can be multiple streaks in your data but we rank the importance of a streak based on how big the segment is and highlight the one in the biggest segment (ex. If NY state has a higher streak than NY city, then we will highlight the streak for NY state). Also, given several streaks detected, we highlight the streak that has the highest revenue. We also look at whether the streak is a new one so we’re not highlighting the same one on a daily basis. The increase or decrease has to be more than 20% to show up as a streak.


2. Records
A record will appear for the highest or lowest point in a segment for a metric within a week, month, or quarter. There can be multiple records for a day but we only show the highest or lowest values for a segment. The increase or decrease has to be more than 20% to show up as a new record. Records will also include any newly introduced segment values (ex. A product that was recently introduced).


3. Pacing
Pacing insights are comparing data to a previous time period. Quarterly pacing will appear at the end of every month. Monthly pacing will appear at the end of every month and the middle of the month. Weekly pacing will appear from Wednesday-Sunday of every week.


4. Results
Results are a recap of performance compared to a previous time period for the 1st day of the week, 1st day of the month, and 1st day of the quarter. They are similar to pacing in that they report on a full period, but they’re looking at completed weeks, months, etc. instead of reporting on the week-to-date, month-to-date, etc.

  1. Top Segments
    The top segments report the ten top values for a segment if one of them changes. Any time a new segment (country, product, discount code, etc.) gains traction while another one drops out of the top 10, we will let you know.


We’re working on balancing the amount of information to keep it relevant. For that reason, Insights may not appear on your account on some days. This is because we didn’t find any big changes in trends for those days. And similarly, there may be a lot more insights than the ones we report on, but our algorithm will try to focus on the most statistically relevant segments by size.

You can click View data on any of the insights to see where the insight is coming from and explore further. The links will drop you directly to the metrics page with the segments pre-selected and you can explore them from there.