List of Segmentations

Explore hundreds of precomputed analyses and segments (SKU, Shipping locations, discount codes, attribution sources, subscription, products, etc.) to get a full picture of the best and worst-performing groups of customers.

Like metrics, Peel has numerous segmentation options available and we are constantly adding new ones based on merchant feedback and suggestions.

Discount / No Discount

A customer segment that looks to see if your customers used a discount or not.

Subscriber / Non-Subscriber segment

Subscriber/non-subscribers is a customer segment looking at all orders for each customer. If any of them is a subscription order, then the customer is flagged as such. Otherwise, if none of them were a subscription order, the customer is a “non-subscriber”

Here are just a few key segmentations available in Peel:


✔️ Ads

✔️ Adsets

✔️ Buying Types

✔️ Campaigns

✔️ Objectives

✔️ Ad Accounts

✔️ Devices

Multi-Touch Attribution

✔️ Channel Clicks

✔️ Days to Conversion

✔️ Landing Page

✔️ Referrer

✔️ UTM Content

✔️ UTM Source

✔️ UTM Source/Campaign

✔️ UTM Source/Medium

✔️ UTM Term


✔️ Cancellation Reason

✔️ Day of the Month

✔️ Order Frequency

✔️ Pre-paid


✔️ Cities

✔️ Countries

✔️ States

✔️ Physical Locations


✔️ Product Collections

✔️ Product Tags

✔️ Product Types

✔️ Products

✔️ Variants

✔️ Vendors

✔️ SKUs


✔️ Customer Tags

✔️ Monthly Cohort

✔️ Custom Segments

✔️ Discounts

✔️ Subscriptions


✔️ Discount Codes

✔️ Financials

✔️ Order Tags

✔️ Payment Gateway

✔️ Online Store

Email Marketing

✔️ Klayvio Campaigns

✔️ Klayvio Email Events

✔️ Klayvio Email Lists

✔️ Klayvio Flows


✔️ Product Tags

✔️ Customer Tags

✔️ Order Tags